Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ MARCH 16, 2016 – PROG

Munch, munch … Mmmmm, words that taste good …

Words are to our soul, like food to our body. Without words to express our thoughts, to ourselves and to others, we would starve for expression.

So … let’s go progging!

PROG (präg) vi.: to prowl about, as in search of food or plunder; forage; n. – food obtained as by progging. [WW #51]

Foraging for food in your local market and progging around for words in your thesaurus can result in much the same euphoria. Nothing is better than knowing the “taste” you want to experience and finding it!

A bland white sauce simply won’t do when your taste buds are screaming seasoned clam sauce. Nor will a nondescript, “It was my pleasure,” do when your heart knows, it was your honor.

When writing something of importance – a response to a prospective client, or just the right words to a sad friend – it can be a struggle to find the one word with the meaning that is in your heart.

Satisfaction is when I start with an “ok” word, and prog around in the thesaurus to locate the perfect word!

All right, I admit, I also often utilize Microsoft Word’s “Synonyms” feature. Sometimes lacking, I go from there to thumbing through the dictionary and review the official meaning to consider their descriptive words and phrases for additional connotation.

Whatever works for you. Don’t settle for less than what you want to say – from your heart. Only those words have true meaning.

Word of the Week: PROG. Can you fit it into your next writing?

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