Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ March 30, 2016 – THENAR

Short ‘n’ Sweet – except for feet

We’re not going to tiptoe around today. It’s all about the hands. Although feet are by many, considered the most important foundation of our bodies, when defined, they get the shaft. 

thenar (thēʹnär) n. – the palm of the hand or, sometimes, the sole of the foot; 2) the bulge at base of the thumb.* [WW #53]

“Sometimes” – in reference to the good folks at *Webster – you have to wonder at their choice of wording. After all, how can thenar only sometimes be the sole of the foot – it is, or it isn’t! Which is it? Jus’ askin’.

Perhaps since the 5th edition of their New World College Dictionary they discovered the ambiguous definition of thenar, as applied to feet, could be (gasp!) wrong. Neither their digital definition, nor Wikipedia’s explanation (albeit disputed) mention the foot pad. Huh.

Conclusion: Like apparently everything else in our lives once thought “set in stone,” our facts are mutable and ever-changing, and our “experts” can be mistaken …

Word of the Week: THENAR. Can you fit it into your next writing?   


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