Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ March 2, 2016 – Realia is Real

Let’s Get REALIA!

Taking liberty with language is fun, and in this case, it isn’t far from the “real” word.

REALIA (rē āʹlē ɘ, rē aʹlē ɘ) n. – objects from everyday life; used as in teaching a foreign language. [WW#49]

Left, is my realia for table, book, candle …
Italian: tavolo, libro, candela
Hawaiian: papaʻaina, buke, kukui

And that’s our cultural language lesson for the day!

How can realia apply to your “real” life?
Memorabilia: things associated with a noteworthy person or event … or kept for their historical or sentimental value).
Regalia: insignia or decorations of any rank or position; finery.
Reptilia(n): represents … any of a class of typically coldblooded vertebrates having lungs, an entirely bony skeleton, a body covered with scales or horny plates, and a heart with two atria; snakes, lizards, crocodiles. (Reminds me of some people I know!)
Rockin' your writing with beers & cheers!

Or in writer-speak, show, don’t just tell. So grab your realia and venture forth to display life as you see it …  


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