Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Whim-Wham – Wordplay Wednesday™ 07/19/17

Make it a Whimsical Wednesday! 

While some days are magical without forethought, others may need a little nudge.

Granted, few, if any of us lead a fully fanciful life (if we did, what would we look forward to?), but every day should hold at least one moment of magic. Even if it’s only a musing memory as you cradle a treasured trinket in your hand …

WHIM-WHAM (hwimʹhwam’) n. – 1) a fanciful ornament; bauble; trinket; 2) an odd notion, fancy, whim (the whim-whams [informal] – an uneasy, nervous feeling; the jitters). [WW #121]

It doesn’t need to be Wednesday to be a whim-wham day, but it does kinda feel fun rolling off the tongue, doesn’t it? “Whim-Wham Wednesday”!

OK, I confess. My day didn’t start with flights of fancy tickling my mind, so I needed something to boost morale and provoke an attitude adjustment. 

Searching my mind for a positive track to run it on, I idly picked up a San Diego Surf Van mini-snow globe on my desk. Turning it over to stir the rare SoCal snow, I watched vintage reels of summers past, float by on the drifting snowflakes. With a silly smile, I’d found my whim-wham.

But like most things in life, even a winsome word like whim-wham has a dark side … at times, it can go from feel-good fancies and whims, to jittery and jumpy restlessness.

If it does, remember, it’s what you do the moment after that counts. Make it upbeat and lighthearted whenever possible, and you’ll find your whole day flows better. I’m enjoying my Whim-Wham Wednesday, how about you? (Whatever day it is …)

Word Challenge: WHIM-WHAM. Even the most thick-crusted all-business person has a heart that can be stirred by a whim-wham. Help them find their moment of magic as you fit whim-wham into your week of uplifting writings. (And I dare you to say whim-wham ten times super-fast! LOL)

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 


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  1. Drats... just over a year ago I downsized from a house to a rented room and as of yet I haven't found my box of whim-wham. Thankfully during the drateful move, i found a slightly chewed rawhide bone Aurora hid under my mattress years ago. So her cherished doggie bone is now my wonderful whimsical whim-wham... why at times if I listen carefully I can hear her whimsy whimpers of joy gnawing on the treasured bone. I'm blessed to have a whim-wham with audio!!!

    Enjoy often... John


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